Creator of WipeOut and Quantum Redshift supports Quantum Rush!

We have been honored by a message from Nick Burcombe, original game designer of WipEout and Quantum Redshift, two of the games that we are paying homage to with Quantum Rush. Nick says that he “applauds our efforts” and that the genre “shouldn’t be left to die just because wipeout is not in the radar.” We thank Nick for his support and promise to do our best to make Quantum Rush worthy of his continued approval!

In case you are wondering what Nick has been up to as of late: Table Top Racing and Baby Nom Nom! Both games were developed by Playrise Digital where Nick is CEO. Table Top Racing is an awesome micro-machines style combat racer that some of us have already played, and we can tell you that it is lots of fun. Baby Nom Nom is an addictive physics-based puzzle game, in which you have to release a heap of rice from a maze to feed a hungry baby. The game supports the child charity SOS Children’s Villages by donating part of the generated profits.

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2 thoughts on “Creator of WipeOut and Quantum Redshift supports Quantum Rush!

  1. Nate VB

    I’m a BIG fan of Quantum Redshift. In fact, I liked it so much, I created several playlists of music so that I could finish every aspect of it. I think I spent more hours on it than any Final Fantasy (and that says alot). Your game looks like it captures the essence of Quantum Redshift from the images and videos I’ve seen and lets face it…i haven’t been this excited about seeing a game show up on the XB1 advertising tile!

    I give you all props on the art, for the attention to detail and for filling this hole that has been in my gamer heart for almost 10 years! Keep up the good work and know that this is only the second game I’ve ever bought without planning for several months in advance.

    Know that I’m extremely happy that this showed up on the xb1 tile when i was not logged in, because I would have missed out on an opportunity to sink hours into a futuristic hover-craft racing game. Kudos for an impressive looking game!


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