The Pick-ups in Quantum Rush

As you already know, Quantum Rush is a racer that also emphasizes combat between players. Therefore the pick-ups play a vital role in Quantum Rush.

Pick-ups are available on all race tracks and can be collected by driving over them. In Quantum Rush there are 3 pick-up item groups – offensive, defensive and manipulative.

The Homing Missile is an offensive pick-up which travels along the track and automatically targets the next opponent in front of you.

An example of a defensive pick-up is the impenetrable Firewall which nullifies negative effects and damage from all sources.

Manipulative type pick-ups provide utilities that have a positive effect on your racer and others that have a negative effect on your opponent’s racers. For example an Energy Cell can regenerate your shield and boost the energy of your racer. The Vision Scrambler on the other hand is used to obscure the targets field of view and hamper their ability to target other players, handy when you are about to over-take.

The pick-ups provide everything an action-packed racer needs. Those who like to plan strategically as well as those who prefer blazing guns can look forward to all the different opportunities Quantum Rush has to offer.

To make sure that no pick-up is too powerful or insignificant, we are working hard to balance out powers and effects of each pick-up. This ensures that Quantum Rush is a fair and enjoyable experience for all players.

In the following video you will see brand new, in-game material to give you an impression of three pick-ups and give a brief explanation of the pick-up system of Quantum Rush.

Have fun!

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