Press event and training mode planned

Hello pilots,

we are moving into the final phase and want to share some good news with you.

1. Quantum Rush online event

We have reached a new milestone. For quite some now the team could already race against each other, and soon the first external players can join. The feature set of the current version is, of course, still far from being complete, but you can already see  and feel where we want to go with Quantum Rush. We therefore plan an online event in the next weeks with editors from the gaming press and some youtubers.

As a thank you for your support we also offer all backers who pledged 90$ or more to take part in the online event. Just send us an private message until 9.10.2013 via kickstarter, including your email address. Please understand that we can not extend this offer to all backers at the moment.

2. Training mode

Since the start of the kickstarter campaign you have sent us many requests regarding a training mode. Thanks to your constructive and numerous feedback, we have decided to implement a training mode in the release version of Quantum Rush. This mode will give you the opportunity to practice the tracks without the interference of other players.

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