Closed Beta

Hello pilots,

We got great news for you: the official Quantum Rush closed beta started!


The beta testers are a wild mix of gaming journalists, racing game experts and gamers from all over the world and they have the unique opportunity to enter the action-packed world of the brand new 3D racer, put every feature to the test and get their first impression of the game.

And now it comes: If you are quick enough you can grab a beta key!

This key is valid twenty times:


To counter the high demand, we have increased the number of times the beta key can be used to 50

First come, first serve 😉
Good luck!

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9 thoughts on “Closed Beta

    1. Quantum Rush TeamQuantum Rush Team Post author


      it’s possible that you have received an invitation for the closed beta, but to double check that we would need the name of your YouTube channel.

      Thank you very much in advance

      Best regards!


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