New Patch online

Hello pilots,

thanks for your numerous and helpful feedback!

We already could implement some of your suggestions. With the new patch many different changes like GUI-improvements, small balancing changes and bugfixes went online.

Here is the list of all changes:

User Interface

  • Added a button to the garage to open the main menu
  • Highscores are displayed correctly now
  • The ESC button now opens the main menu on the race track
  • While in the loading screen, you can no longer open the main men
  • Tooltips for racer parts and racer values now show the correct texts
  • The attributes in the customization menu have tooltips now
  • The track preview does not disappear anymore when a player leaves the lobby
  • The text in the input field of friend requests no longer needs to be deleted manually to add another player

Race Tracks


  • Energy regeneration fields and booster pads added to both directions
  • Enlarged a checkpoint so that players are not set back unfairly
  • The “bouncing racers” problem should be fixed


  • The rock wall at the tube’s exit (forward direction) is not penetrable anymore
  • Additional collider fixes


Ion Energy Systems

  • Decreased the power of the boosters of all IES racers
  • The top speed, acceleration, energy reserves and handling of IonEnergy01 are reduced
  • Fixed an exploit that allowed IES racers to explode their shield repeatedly


  • Decreased the power of the boosters of all NIT racers
  • The energy reserves of NR-MT1X1 was increased lightly, the handling was modified

Nanofabrics Motorworks

  • Increased the power of the boosters of all NMW racers



  • Temporarily disabled the team feature, because it produces problems In the current version of the game


  • Track voting is allowed in the lobby after a lobby lock was released


  • The rewards for finishin a race were tripled to aid progression during beta
  • Heat generation of all weapons reduced by 50%; damage output was rebalanced.

Keep having fun on the race tracks!

Quantum Rush Team

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