Download and Installation Optimizations

Hello pilots,

We have optimized the installation process and improved two fundamental features. With today’s patch, we integrated a solution to the administrator rights issue and improved the game download via the Quantum Rush Launcher to prevent all downloaded data from being lost when the download process is terminated prematurely.

Administrator Rights Solution

We received numerous messages of players who could not install Quantum Rush because the installation stopped at 67% (or sometimes 70%).

Important: If you are affected by this problem, please download the newest installer version at Before installing it, please uninstall Quantum Rush and delete the Quantum Rush folder manually.

The issue came about because the installation needs administrator rights. Without these rights, the installation process stopped when trying to extract the downloaded files.

With the new installer, you will be asked to give the application administrator rights whenever they are needed. Confirming this request will run the installation in administrator mode.

If you do not have the rights to run programs in administrator mode, please contact the administrator of your computer.

Hint for Windows 8: In Windows 8, it may be necessary to manually allow access to the installer and the Quantum Rush Launcher before executing these programs. To do so, right click on the installer file (setupqr.exe) – and, respectively, the “Quantum-Rush” shortcut – and then choose “Settings”. In the settings window, click on “allow” in the “general” tab. This is a temporary solution until we can properly fix this issue.

Download Process Optimization

Before, the complete download had to be repeated if the download had been terminated prematurely.

With the new version, the download consists of multiple files. If the download is interrupted, any files that had been downloaded up to that point will not have to be downloaded again.

Hint for crashes: Sometimes the Quantum Rush launcher (the window that checks the game version) crashes for no apparent reason. Should this happen, just start the launcher again and keep the window active (do not switch to other windows or programs) until the installation is finished. We are currently looking into this and will fix it as soon as possible.

Hint for Internet Explorer: The Internet Explorer sometimes refuses to download the installer. For the moment, we recommend using another browser to download the installer.

Keep having fun on the race tracks!

Your Quantum Rush Team

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