0.8.5 Patch Notes – Race Track Polish and Bugfixing

Hello pilots,

Today’s patch not only makes the race tracks Coastal, Airport and Canyon look better, but also fixes a few issues, like the static ranking numbers in the highscore.

The improvements on the five published race tracks are a continuous process, you can expect to see further upgrades with future patches!

Here are the details of the update:

Race tracks

The tracks Coastal, Airport and Canyon received a graphical overhaul. This is an on-going process, the race tracks will get further graphical improvements with future patches.


  • The highscore tables will show the correct ranking numbers on every page.
  • All environmental objects of the Coastal track are now visible again.
  • Using the Booster Energy Cell pick-up will no longer cause the “energy depleted” sound to play continuously.
  • Slowing lanes will now always affect the racer, also when it is not accelerating.
  • The weapon activation hint is no longer displayed after the race is finished.
  • The elements of the language drop-down menu in the login window can now be selected with the mouse without problems.


  • Beam weapons generate more heat now.
  • Pick-ups now generate more heat.


  • The energy explosion of IES racers was improved and looks more impressive now.
  • Special sound effects for beam weapons were implemented.

See you on the race tracks!

Your Quantum Rush team

If you are looking to participate in races with many other players, try to log in between 19:00 and 21:00 CET! Scheduling online races with other beta testers is now also possible via the Quantum Rush Steam group http://steamcommunity.com/groups/quantumrush.

Due to a scheduled maintenance of our server provider, the Quantum Rush servers might be offline for up to 30 minutes between 0:01 a.m. and 6:00 a.m. (CET) on 23.1.2014 and 30.1.2014.

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