Monthly Archives: Monday January 6th, 2014

0.7.449 Patch Notes – A new track and more changes

With today’s patch we implemented changes to the existing race tracks, balancing optimizations and a new race track.

Hello pilots,

a new track with the preliminary name “GT1” is now available!

Like the already existing tracks, GT1 offers a few special features and may shake up the highscores: you can look forward to races without wall contact as the race track is especially wide.

Skilled players may avoid crashes with the track borders altogether. However, there are so-called slowing lanes on both sides of the track. These do not cause energy loss when driving over them, but will slow the racer down.

Many more surprises await you on the new track, like a gigantic quarter pipe with an energy restoration lane at the outer edge and numerous chicanes that will put your skills to the test. Continue reading