Empty lobbies: soon a thing of the past!

Hello pilots,

Many of you have sent us very positive feedback about Quantum Rush, but also constructive criticism.

Thank you for both! It is fantastic to have such an active and dedicated community even before the game has been published.

One major issue that most of you have experienced are the empty lobbies – the matchmaking system puts you in a lobby, but there are not enough players to start a multiplayer race.

Obviously, the main reason for that is Quantum Rush being in closed-beta, the number of people with access to the game is limited. Another reason is that many of you live in different time zones, which means that you log into the game at very different times.

We are aware of this situation and we are working hard to improve it. The first two steps toward this goal are the following:

The number of players required to start a match has been reduced and will only be increased at times when many people are logged into the game to allow for the creation of larger lobbies.

Additionally, we are developing NPCs. Whenever there are not enough players for a multiplayer race, the empty slots will be occupied by opponents generated and controlled by the server. We have been testing this new feature internally and are confident that it will soon be ready to go online.

Until then, you can use our Quantum Rush Steam group to schedule races with other players. Currently, you have the best chances of finding people to play with between 7 and 9 p.m. (CET).

See you soon on the race tracks!

The Quantum Rush Team

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One thought on “Empty lobbies: soon a thing of the past!

  1. Takato

    Gute Idee das ihr es so macht! Habe dies auch mal vorgeschlagen gehabt wenn ich mich recht errinere, Zudem kotzt das meistens auch an das keiner online ist und man möchte spielen und Training ist auch nicht soo gut weil da keine Gegner sind. Ihr seid echt wirklich gute Entwickler die auf die Community hört und nicht soo arrogant sind, ihr habt spaß am programmieren und das sieht man. Weiter so!


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