0.8.387 – Quantum Rush Mega Update patch notes

Hello pilots,

With today’s patch a lot of new features and optimisations have made it into the game: when few players are online, computer controlled NPCs will participate in the races, your racer now reacts faster to your input, the feeling of velocity has been drastically improved and a new pickup makes it harder for the first placed players to get away. And there is more!

New features

1. NPCs: Whenever there are not enough players to start a race, computer controlled opponents will take the vacant spots. These NPCs come in different difficulties and differ from each other not only by their racing ability, but also in their usage of weapons and pickups.

2. Lag optimisation: The racer now reacts immediately to all player input instead of waiting for confirmation from the server. A complex prediction and synchronisation system makes sure that the position of the racer on the client is as close as possible to the position of the racer on the server. This system is still in development and it has some flaws, but is already an improvement over the old system.

3. More intelligent pickups: The navigation of the pickups Homing Missile, Lock-on missile and Body Slam has been revised.

4. Velocity: The camera behaviour has been overhauled to improve the feeling of speed. This includes a dynamic, speed-based adaptation of the field-of-view effect and the camera position. We have also changed the camera position in accordance to the size of the racer.

5. New pickup Stasis Sphere: Using this pickup will place spheres in front of the first-placed racer that slow down and damage any racer that comes into contact with them. The spheres remain on the track for a few seconds and, consequently, pose a threat for every racer in the leading pack. Avoid the spheres is possible but takes a lot of skill.

6. Attribute window: For every component the attribute window now shows a short description text. When comparing components, you will now see the difference between those components in positive or negative numbers next to the comparison bar. You will also see which component is used for the comparison. Some attributes are now displayed in other units to make their meaning more easily understandable.

Race tracks

All race tracks received graphical improvements. The energy restoration fields and booster pads also received a visual upgrade.

Additionally, some tracks have been changed to improve balancing and manoeuvrability:


  • The placement of some track elements (like pick-ups and energy recharge fields) has been improved.


  • The boost pads before the jumps now always accelerate you enough to make the jump. If you are very fast the boost pads may have no effect to prevent too long jumps.
  • The effect of the slow-down pads has been reduced.


  • The effect of the slow-down pads has been reduced.


  • Racers are no longer propelled into the ceiling when driving through the jet.


  • Large stone arches were added to the last track part (in forward direction) to make the track more challenging.



ShipMods do not serve a function yet. They were therefore replaced in the research trees by other components. You may now have unresearched items in an otherwise completed research tree. This should not lead to any aftereffects – just research the component if you want to have it.


For various reasons we have disabled dashing. The dashing mechanic has to be revised to prevent exploits and make it work with the new synchronization system.



  • The attributes of all Tier 1, 2 and 3 engines have received an overhaul. The differences between different engines are now more defined and have a greater impact on the race track.

NR (Nitroid Racing)

  • The heat generation of all Nitroid boosters has been increased by 10%.

NMW (Nanofabric Motorworks)

  • The airbrakes of Nano1 have been toned down a bit.


  • Shotguns now use new projectiles and impact effects.
  • Preview pictures for tier 6 and 7 racers are visible in the research interface.


  • Shotguns have now their own sound effects.
  • The sound of turning your racer in the garage has been replaced.


  • The heat warning ends correctly now when the overheat shutdown is finished (in case of Nitroid racers: when the racer is no longer overheated)
  • When comparing two components, the attributes were transposed sometimes, so the better component was shown as the inferior one. This has been corrected.
  • It is not possible anymore to open the main menu when you are in a loading screen. Opening the main menu while loading to a race caused graphical issues in the following race.
  • The selected racer configuration is not displayed in the ranking window anymore.

We hope you like the changes and improvements in this patch! We are looking forward to your feedback.

See you on the race tracks!

Your Quantum Rush team

If you are looking to participate in races with many other players, try to log in between 19:00 and 21:00 CET! Scheduling online races with other beta testers is now also possible via the Quantum Rush Steam group http://steamcommunity.com/groups/quantumrush.

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2 thoughts on “0.8.387 – Quantum Rush Mega Update patch notes

  1. TwinDrags

    This update seems to have introduced a lot of new bugs and issues. The server is more unpredictable, not able to drop pickups and racer showing up as another manufacturer’s racer.
    And this was after playing for a mere 15 minutes…

    1. Quantum Rush TeamQuantum Rush Team Post author

      Hi TwinDrags,

      thanks for your feedback. The bugs you mentioned are already known for some time. As far as we know they only appear in the training races. These are not new bugs that came with the update. They were just nox fixed as we had to prioritize other parts first.


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