Quantum Rush – questions and answers

Hello pilots,

We have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions and our answers for you.

Should you have more questions, we are happy to receive them via email, on the official Quantum Rush forum, as a private message to our Youtube channel or on our Facebook fan page.


1. Do I have to do something in particular as beta tester or should I just give feedback?

We are always happy to receive your feedback and constructive criticism. There are many options for getting in touch with us, the easiest way is using the support contact form on the Quantum Rush website. However, you can just as well write us an email to support.en@quantum-rush.net or contact us via the official Quantum Rush forum, where you can also discuss your ideas with your fellow beta testers. Additionally, you can always reach us via the GameArt Studio Youtube channel, the Quantum Rush Facebook fan page and our Twitter account.

The only thing you should do in particular is to have fun.

2. When will the closed beta phase end?

That depends on your feedback and the remaining bugs. As soon as all relevant bugs have been fixed and all reported flaws have been dealt with, the open beta phase will start.

Note: When the open beta starts, all accounts will be reset to give everyone a fair start. This will be the first and last such reset, so any progress you make throughout the open beta will not be lost.

3. Will Quantum Rush only be available for PC or are there plans for other platforms too?

Currently, Quantum Rush is only available for PC. We are evaluating other platforms, but, as of now, we do not have any concrete plans.

4. Does Quantum Rush support gamepads?

Yes it does! And because you can customize the controls yourself, you can use almost any kind of gamepad.

The Microsoft XBox 360 Controller and similar gamepads should work with the default settings. The original Sony Playstation (Dualshock) gamepads need a special driver for your PC to recognize them, but otherwise you should only need to customise the keybindings.

We have also tested gamepads from Logitech, in particular the F310. Just like Xbox gamepads, the F310 worked fine without need for any customisation.

So, basically, all popular gamepads that work with the PC are supported. Should a gamepad not work properly out of the box, it will usually be possible to re-assign the buttons to solve any issues. Gamepads that should not be used are the ones that have no analogue shoulder buttons, like the Saitek P880.

5. Can I get another beta key for a friend?

Just write us a short message and we will see what we can do for you. Alternatively, your friend can just sign up to the Quantum Rush Newsletter – we send out additional beta keys to subscribers on a regular basis.

6. Is it permitted to make videos with the material from the closed beta and can I monetise those videos?

Yes and yes. You should always point out that the in-game material is from the closed beta though.

7. Can I use my racing wheel to play Quantum Rush?

In theory you should be able to use the gamepad customisation options to make the racing wheel work properly. We have not tested this yet.

8. What are the recommended system specifications for the closed beta?

Operating system: Windows 8 / 7 64 bit
Processor: 2.5GHz Dual-Core (Core 2 DUO / Athlon X2)
Disc space: around 600MB
Graphics card: Nvidia GTX 260 / Radeon HD 7670

9. How many race tracks are there at the moment? Will there be more later on?

So far, we have made 5 race tracks available, but, of course, we are working on more tracks. All five of the current tracks can be raced backwards and forwards.

Not all of those 5 race tracks are available on all tiers because racers from higher tiers are too fast for some of the tracks while the lower tier racers are “too slow” for the tracks that have been specifically designed for higher speeds.

Tracks currently available for tier 1-2: Airport, Canyon, Coast, GT1
Tracks currently available for tier 3-4: Airport, Canyon, Coast, GT1, Asteroid

In the lobby, you will always see 2 tracks that are available for your selected racer’s tier and a button called “Random”. “Random” will choose a track that is neither of the two indicated tracks but one that is available for the according tier.

New race tracks will be released on a per track basis.

See you on the race tracks!

Your Quantum Rush team

If you are looking to participate in races with many other players, try to log in between 19:00 and 21:00 CET! Scheduling online races with other beta testers is now also possible via the Quantum Rush Steam group http://steamcommunity.com/groups/quantumrush.

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4 thoughts on “Quantum Rush – questions and answers

    1. Quantum Rush TeamQuantum Rush Team Post author

      Hi Les,

      As of yet, we have only tested the game with mouse and keyboard and with gamepads, so we can’t tell you if your racing wheel will work.
      You can get the game for free and try it out, just create an account at the official Quantum Rush website and download the client installer.
      Please let us know if it worked and what’s the name of your wheel.

      See you soon on the racetrack!
      The Quantum Rush Team

  1. Slyther

    Would you guys be willing to produce a guide to operating the vehicles in quantum rush? I’ve played the game for a two days and the vehicles in this game are completely unruly and really difficult to handle, even with airbrakes taking what would be seemingly wide turns, ends up with my nose plowing into the wall

  2. Kai


    I tried the game with an xbox 360 & xbox one gamepad. With both i have a bug with the D-Pad. I also can’t configurate the gamepad in the options, because of a bug, where it always chooses left d-pad. Sometimes the steering in the menu is hanging. The mousecursor does not disapear in the race and the cockpit view dont’ save, so it switches always back to the standard view, when you start a new race. Please fix those issues. It would be a really good game, if it gets fixed.


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