Monthly Archives: Tuesday March 4th, 2014

0.8.500 Patchnotes: Many small changes and bugfixes

Hello pilots,

With today’s patch come many small changes and bugfixes – we paid particular attention to reducing the jittering movement of other racers.

As always, thanks for your feedback! We hope that you like the changes.

New features & Changes

  • The movement of other racers has been smoothed out to reduce the jitters. Lag can still lead to sudden movement sometimes.
  • The research tree now shows on mouseover which module is represented by the icon.
  • The “weak” NPCs now have worse driving skill than the medium or hard NPCs. We are continuing on improving the skill of the hard NPC’s.
  • The highscore is now updated regularly and is loaded much quicker than before. The time between updates is 5 minutes.

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