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Hello Pilots,

Today, we would like to give you some detailed information about the many different weapons in Quantum Rush: Champions, more specifically, about the racers’ mounted cannons.

Quantum Rush Weapons - Tier 7

As with Quantum Rush Online, weapons will also play an important role in Quantum Rush: Champions. That is, of course, in those challenges that allow combat.

All pilots start the game with a tier-1 racer from each manufacturer. By default, all racers come with two mounted cannons that can be replaced after unlocking new weapons through completing challenges in the game’s Career mode.

Apart from the cannons, you will also be unlocking and replacing engines, boosters, shields, coolers and armors. And new parts will not always be better, but often they will just be different and the player will have to decide which parts to use for which kind of challenge.

The cannons are divided into various categories (e.g. single shot or auto-fire) and each cannon uses one of three different ammunition types. Cannons from the same category using the same ammunition will have different attributes, such as rate of fire and heat generation.

There is a total of four categories of cannons:

  • Single-shot cannons will fire a single shot when triggered
  • Auto-fire cannons will fire a certain amount of shots per second while being triggered
  • Shotguns will fire a certain amount of pellets when fired
  • Beam cannons cast a beam that deals a certain amount of damage per second

And there are three ammunition types:

  • Ion cannons deal increased damage against energy shields, but less damage against armor.
  • Laser cannons deal the same amount of damage against shields and armor.
  • Ballistic cannons deal an increased amount of damage against armor, but less damage against energy shields.

Apart from beam cannons, which will only be available as laser or ion weapons, the game will offer all possible combinations of cannon categories and ammunition types.

And something else entirely: the developer has announced that the game will support English, German, French, Italian and Spanish if the Kickstarter campaign is successful.

Supported Languages

We hope you liked this insight into the weapons of Quantum Rush: Champions!

The Quantum Rush Team

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