Quantum Rush: Champions – Bosses in Early Access

Hello Pilots,

Today we’d like to tell you more about the bosses.

At the end of each tier in the Early Access campaign the boss Vengarra Gur waits for you! You have to defeat him to unlock the next higher tier.

Vengarra Gur is a master of mean tricks with which he wants to turn the race into hell!

We have a new video for you in which we show you the boss fights. With the release coming soon more bosses will follow.

Which special properties Vengarra’s racers have can be seen in the following overview:

Tier 1 – 3
Here, your arch enemy in the Jump Start tournament uses especially effective weapon systems, he also likes to use energy balls and mines, and many at the same time!

Tier 4

Vengarra Gur races with an illegally tuned engine. Besides that he seems to have struck a deal with the race director who permits him to head off before countdown ends. Avoid the smoke clouds he generates to impair your vision!

Tier 5!

Vengarra uses a scrambler that allows him to block your internal booster, your primary weapon and your pickups to kick you out of the tournament!

Can you defeat Vengarra Gur and decide the exclusive Early Access campaign Jump Start tournaments for yourself?

We wish you lots of fun and many thrilling hours with Quantum Rush: Champions!

Your Quantum Rush team

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