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more information about Boss Fights

Hello Pilots!

Last week we presented you a new video of the bosses. Today we’d like to show you 3 of the many boss challenges.


Now a few examples of challenge scenarios:

Energy Leaker

The enemy in this boss challenge uses a powerful booster with special energetic properties. If he boosts then energy jumps over to racers nearby. You aim at synchronizing your own internal booster with the one of your boss adversary to take advantage of the energy leaking over.

Devils Triplet

In this boss challenge you fight up to 3 powerful adversaries at once. They have special abilities with which they support each other to set up traps to get you.

Your aim is to eliminate the leader of the triplet. It is of advantage to eliminate his companions first to weaken his racer!

Bomb Target

For this boss challenge you need strong nerves!

The race track is prepared with special lock-on pickups you have to use to eliminate your adversaries. However, these detonate after a short countdown. You have to permanently decide if the boss adversary is within range and if it is possible to use the pickup fast enough.

We wish you lots of fun and exciting hours with Quantum Rush: Champions!

Your Quantum Rush team.

Quantum Rush: Champions – Bosses in Early Access

Hello Pilots,

Today we’d like to tell you more about the bosses.

At the end of each tier in the Early Access campaign the boss Vengarra Gur waits for you! You have to defeat him to unlock the next higher tier.

Vengarra Gur is a master of mean tricks with which he wants to turn the race into hell!

We have a new video for you in which we show you the boss fights. With the release coming soon more bosses will follow.

Which special properties Vengarra’s racers have can be seen in the following overview:

Tier 1 – 3
Here, your arch enemy in the Jump Start tournament uses especially effective weapon systems, he also likes to use energy balls and mines, and many at the same time!

Tier 4

Vengarra Gur races with an illegally tuned engine. Besides that he seems to have struck a deal with the race director who permits him to head off before countdown ends. Avoid the smoke clouds he generates to impair your vision!

Tier 5!

Vengarra uses a scrambler that allows him to block your internal booster, your primary weapon and your pickups to kick you out of the tournament!

Can you defeat Vengarra Gur and decide the exclusive Early Access campaign Jump Start tournaments for yourself?

We wish you lots of fun and many thrilling hours with Quantum Rush: Champions!

Your Quantum Rush team

Quantum Rush: Champions – Soundtrack available!

Hello Pilots,

Many of you asked for it – and now you can get it for your MP3-player: The Quantum Rush Soundtrack!

The soundtrack is available as DLC for Quantum Rush Champions on Steam. The download contains all the soundtracks from the game and 4 bonus tracks!

It also contains all tracks as a loop version!

For more details visit the Steam page of the game ( or the DLC page of the Quantum Rush soundtrack (

P.S.: We’d like to know what you think about the game! So let us know, we’re happy about each review!

We wish you lots of fun on the race track!

Your Quantum Rush Team

Manual for Quantum Rush: Champions

Hello Pilots,

we would like to draw you attention to our updated manual of Quantum Rush: Champions.

You can find it on our Steam store page just follow the link (

The manual contains not only basic information like the description of the different game modes, but also an overview of the game controls and a detailed explanation of the pick up’s in Quantum Rush: Champions.


For further questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!

Have fun on the racetracks!

Your Quantum Rush team

Quantum Rush: Champions got Greenlit!

Hello Pilots,

You are really phantastic!

Through your help Quantum Rush: Champions has been Greenlit on Steam!

We are really happy about your great support and are thrilled that so many people wish to see such a game released on Steam!

Now you don’t have to wait for long, as the release is not far away. As soon as we can tell you something new, you shall hear it first!

Until then you can race a few rounds on Quantum Rush Online to train for the forthcoming challenges and boss fights awaiting you in Quantum Rush: Champions.

Your Quantum Rush team

Qunatum Rush Champions has been greenlit

Server issues solved

Hello pilots,

We made some changes on the servers yesterday morning and now, after 24 hrs we think that the issue is solved.

The highscore list, as first thought, was not the only reason for the difficulties. Another problem came from matchmaking and it caused a crash if very many players wanted to run a race.

Hint: If you wish to switch the game language, right-click on the game in your Steam-library, select “Properties” and choose your preferred language.

P.S.: We work on an update which will go online in abt. 2 weeks. Next to the optimised highscore list two more racetracks will go online: Volcano and Tunnel.


We wish you lots of fun on the racetrack!
Your Quantum Rush team

Server Issues

Hello Pilots,

As many of you noticed we had some server issues since the launch of Quantum Rush on Steam. And that wasn’t nice neither for you nor for us.

After some investigation and in depth analysis we arrived at the conclusion that the problems are caused by the highscores. We decided to switch them off to optimize them and bring them back online with the next patch. We think it is more important to keep the servers going so that they can cope with the surge in new players.

All gaming data will still be saved. All races continue to count for highscores and will be visible again when the highscore listings will be back.

Your Quantum Rush Team

Quantum Rush – Lag issues

Hello pilots,

Many of you have reached out to us and today we would like to come back to you with information on the topic of lag issues.

While small and irregular lags are nothing out of the ordinary in a fast-paced online game, some of you have asked us why you are constantly experiencing (sometimes massive) lags in races against other players and/or bots although everything runs smoothly in training mode.

The answer: So far, all online races are processed by servers in Germany. In training mode, there is no lag because your PC does not communicate with our servers.

So even if you are playing with a local friend or just with bots, all communication is currently being handled by a server in Germany. The further you are away from Germany, the worse your connection will be and the more lag you will experience.

The only solution to this problem is setting up additional servers, in your country or at least close to it. And that is exactly what we plan to do. However, we first have to analyse in which countries Quantum Rush can become popular, because setting up servers in foreign countries is both expensive and time-consuming and our resources are limited.

Until then, we can only ask you for patience.

See you soon on the race tracks,
Your Quantum Rush Team

Racing Event on 03.02.2014 between 19:00 and 21:00 CET

Hello pilots,

Our last racing event was well received and so we would like to invite all of you to another Quantum Rush gaming night!

We call on all players to connect to the Quantum Rush servers on Monday, 03.02.2014, between 7:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m. (CET), and do some races with us. Please choose a tier 1 racer and the Death Race mode.

We are looking forward to an exciting racing evening with you!

See you on the race tracks!

Your Quantum Rush team

Hint: Scheduling online races with other beta testers is now also possible via the Quantum Rush Steam group

Feeling the Speed

Hello pilots,

Today, we would like to give you another update on what we are currently working on.

Since the start of the closed beta, a lot of your feedback has been about the impression of speed in Quantum Rush. Especially on tier 1, you found it lacking. The problem: the speeds are really high, up to 1000 km/h already on tier 1, but to the eye it seems much slower.

We took your feedback to heart and worked on making the speed more tangible.

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