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Creator of WipeOut and Quantum Redshift supports Quantum Rush!

We have been honored by a message from Nick Burcombe, original game designer of WipEout and Quantum Redshift, two of the games that we are paying homage to with Quantum Rush. Nick says that he “applauds our efforts” and that the genre “shouldn’t be left to die just because wipeout is not in the radar.” We thank Nick for his support and promise to do our best to make Quantum Rush worthy of his continued approval!

In case you are wondering what Nick has been up to as of late: Table Top Racing and Baby Nom Nom! Both games were developed by Playrise Digital where Nick is CEO. Table Top Racing is an awesome micro-machines style combat racer that some of us have already played, and we can tell you that it is lots of fun. Baby Nom Nom is an addictive physics-based puzzle game, in which you have to release a heap of rice from a maze to feed a hungry baby. The game supports the child charity SOS Children’s Villages by donating part of the generated profits.

Why will Quantum Rush be free-to-play?

We have received questions as to why Quantum Rush will be free-to-play and what kind of in-game purchases there will be. Briefly we have addressed these in the answer below and we will be giving more concise information over the course of development.

First of all, it is very important to us to point out that although Quantum Rush will be free-to-play there will be no system of pay-to-win. People will be able to pay money for cosmetic changes such as skins and color packs, additional garage and racer configuration slots and to boost progression through tiers, for example via research boosts. The matchmaking system creates separate matches for all tiers and also takes into account your ELO rating for the given tier, so it will not negatively effect you if other players progress faster. For some, free-to-play is synonymos with grinding through a specific part of the game in order to progress – we will have nothing like this in Quantum Rush and there will be nothing in the game you can purchase with real money that gives you a competitive advantage over other players on the racetrack.

Against this background, we believe that free-to-play is the best way we can go with Quantum Rush. There are no drawbacks but many advantages: people who do not want to or simply can not spend money on games can still enjoy it and become part of the community, you can try out all aspects of the game before deciding to pay for anything and you do not have to commit to paying money every month if you want to keep playing.

Keep throwing your questions at us and we will keep answering them!

Your Quantum Rush team

Quantum Rush banners for download!

You asked for them and here they are!

The banners can be used freely – you can download them or link them in your favourite forums or on your webpage.


We hope you like these banners as much as we do.

Your Quantum Rush graphics team

Quantum Rush banners:

Quantum Rush banners II:


In most cases, it’s flattering when someone tries to imitate you. In this case, however, caution is in order! It’s barely been 24 hours since we launched our Kickstarter campaign and already a scammer is trying to rip people off by using our text and video material on YouTube and Indiegogo (another crowdfunding platform).

Obviously, we have informed Youtube and Indiegogo and hope that they will act soon to make sure the scammer doesn’t cause any harm.

To forestall any further confusion, we would like to point out that the Quantum Rush project can only be backed on Kickstarter and on