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Interview Concept Arts

Hello pilots,

Your feedback about the concept art video, that we uploaded on YouTube, and the detailed Quantum Rush feature at Concept Art World have made us aware that many of you are very interested in the topic of concept art.

Hence, we have decided to give you some deeper insights into the subject with the following interview with our concept artist Daniel Graffenberger!

Q: Hi Daniel, for how long have you been producing concept artwork?

A: Taking my first attempts into account, I started doing concept arts around the end of 2008. I had, however, already begun doing digital drawings in 2006.

Q: What originally interested you in becoming a concept artist?

A: My primary motivation stemmed from my time spent in the game modding scene. It provided me with the opportunity to put my hobby to good use. I have always found it amazing to see something that I have created in my mind turned into reality, even if it’s virtual reality in this case.

When I first saw the concept drawings for the PC game “Homeworld” and other drawings by Rob Cunningham and Jon Aaron Kambeitz , I knew immediately that was what I wanted to do.

Q: What would you say are the primary talents and skills that make a good concept artist?

A: I believe a concept artist needs to be able to use illustrations as a means to clearly demonstrate what is expected of the final graphics. They should also be aware of the overall production workflow so that they can make concessions.

Also, they will have to accept that often whole concepts will have to be thrown out when change requests come in.

That’s why it makes sense to develop a technique for yourself that illustrates your design ideas early on.

Q: What do you like to draw most? Do you have a favorite subject matter for your art?

A: Designing and drawing futuristic things, like interstellar spaceships and similar objects, is what I like best. I always try to come up with new designs that allow for conclusions about the practical functions and benefits of the object in question. The credibility and plausibility of such a design is a very important factor for me. The observer is supposed to get the impression that what they are seeing will indeed be possible in the not-too-far-away future. That is why most of my creations belong to the realm of Sci-Fi.

Topics like fantasy, with magic and sorcery, and similar subjects are not my cup of tea. Besides, I am not good at that kind of stuff, so I rather leave it to the people who are more capable in those areas.

Some private Concept Arts from Daniel

Q: What sources of inspiration do you use for your drawings in general and which ones in particular for Quantum Rush?

A: I usually take my inspiration from music, movies, books and especially games. As for Quantum Rush, it has mostly been comparable games, like WipEout or F-Zero. Star Wars crosses my mind now and then, but I try to keep my designs adequately distanced. Also, from time to time, I like to take a look at the work of Syd Mead and Chris Foss.

Q: What is the biggest challenge with a project like Quantum Rush?

A: Not to lose track of the balance between quantity and quality in spite of time constraints.

Q: What do you like best about your work on Quantum Rush?

A: The development of the various racer designs. I want to make it so players can recognize which manufacturer a design belongs to at first glance.

Q: What advice would you give to someone who is thinking about becoming a concept artist?

A: As I have not been working as a concept artist for a very long time, I am not sure if I can give any particularly good advice, but I will try anyway .*lol*

I think it is important that you first get some experience in this area to help you decide if this is really for you. It is also really important to have references that show what kind of style and genres you serve and what level of professionalism you have. A good portfolio is often much more valuable and meaningful than certificates from educational institutions.

Some Concept Arts from Daniel

The racer as the sum of its parts

Hello pilots,

today we want to show you how personalisation of racer parts and appearance will work in Quantum Rush.

There are two sections to personalisation of racer in Quantum Rush, technical customisation and appearance customisation. Technical customisation involves selecting and installing different components in your racer to influence its performance. These parts can change the speed, acceleration, handling and more, to give pilots the ability to tune the racer to there preference.

The component parts avialable to each racer in each tier are dependent on that racers manufacturer. The player decides between one of three manufacturers and can then choose which components to research and install. We aim to allow players as much freedom as possible to tailor their racer to their play style.

Lets have a look at the categories of different components:

The engine produces the thrust and energy for the racer and also influences the racer handling. The engine determines the maximum speed and acceleration, as well as the size of the energy storage.

The shields protect your racer from direct damage. The are fuelled by the energy pool of the engine and impacts to the shield will gradually deplete the energy. How much energy is lost by each hit depends on the shield system.

The internal boosters provide additional thrust and can accelerate your racer over the maximum engine speed. This will also use up energy while active and like the shield uses the same energy pool from the engine. If you use all your energy for boosts you will find that you have none left for shield protection. The strength of the boost and the energy usage varies with different booster components. Boosting also generates heat and different booster components generate heat at different rates.

Firing your weapons, using the boosters and environmental effects all produce heat within your racer. The maximum temperature at which your racer can operate normally is determined by your cooling system. The cooling system also determines the time it takes to cool the racer down and how soon the cooling process can begin. If at anytime your racers temperature exceeds the maximum, the weapons and boosters will not be available until the racer is cooled down enough.
Please note: Some racers can respond in different ways to over-heating, for example the racers of Nitroid Racing do not shut down at maximum heat and instead can explode if they overheat too much.

The Armour are the lifepoints of your racer. Direct damage (i.e. damage that is not intercepted by your shields) decreases the armour. Should it fall to zero, the racer is destroyed. Better armour can mean more weight, will in turn influence the handling of your racer. More armour will provide better protection, but makes you racer harder to control.

The shipmod is a special component with unique effects. It could provide extra energy, increase the weapon damage or influence pick-ups (by increasing the charges of pick-ups for example). A shipmod allows the pilot to specialise his racer even further.

Quantum Rush Racer Comparison

Quantum Rush, the new online racer of Berlin based online game developers GameArt Studio, not only has elaborate graphics (you can watch all game videos in the Quantum Rush blog) but the gameplay and story are also well thought out and complex.

Racer manufacture is a serious business and of all the companies that tried to get a foothold in the QR league, only three have thus far been successful. The three companies – Ion Energy Systems, Nitroid Racing and Nanofabric Motorworks – are now the producing all of the QR leagues racers.
Each manufacturer has their own story and philosophy which results in racers with specific varying strengths and weaknesses. Which model will be your favourite?
Check out our video and see the three rivals in direct comparison.

Ion Energy Systems – IES
The manufacturer consortium started out as a global energy provider but bought their way into the racing league as an expansion of marketing. Their other research and sales activities includes energy couplings and top secret military contracting.
IES racers are the most advanced in regards to energy techs. There is no other manufacturer who can compete with the energy production and shield systems on their racers. However, the armour plating on is relcatively weak.
A special energy feedback system produces an electromagnetic shock pulse, whenever the energy pool is depleted, that disrupts the enemies weapon systems and does significant energy damage.

Nitroid Racing
Nitroid Racing has specialized in “speed-boosting measures”. Their large engines and thrusters, together with a focus on acceleration, are the main assets of this manufacturer.
Their racers are, as standard, fitted with the best and most efficient boosters. Their rate acceleration is unmatched. This comes at the price of weaker shields and armour.
In contrast to other manufacturers these racers do not have an automatic shutdown for overheat protection. This allows for higher temperature thresholds and extended use of weapons or boosters. This comes with risks however, as overheating can cause the racer to violently explode, causing a maelstrom of destruction to everything caught in the blast.

Nanofabric Motorworks – NMW
Nanofabric Motorworks are hardened veterans in the racing business. They started in countless races and their origins date back to the age of combustion engines.
Their racers are well balanced a focus on maneuverability and defense. NMW racers are the easiest to control and offer the best handling that credits can buy.
The high agility and small radar signature make it difficult targeting systems of enemy racers to get a lock-on. NMW have also developed technology that can use defensive pick-ups more efficiently when compared to the other racers.

Mounted Weapons of Quantum Rush

Hello pilots,

The last update focused on the pick-ups, today we will show you the weapons in Quantum Rush.

In contrast to the pick-ups, weapons are hard-mounted on your racer and can be fired anytime, as long as your racer is not over-heating!

Every racer is shipped with a pre-installed weapon system, but if you have the credits, you are free to equip bigger and better guns anytime.

However, there are a few things to be considered here: Quantum Rush offers different weapon systems and different types of ammunition, and depending on the combination you have chosen, the gameplay will change. Every weapon system can be combined with every ammunition type. The only exception are beam weapons which are only available as ion and laser.

There are four different weapons systems. Single shot weapons fire one shot for every press of the trigger, while automatic weapons fire salvoes of multiple shots. Shotguns fire a cluster of shots at once that spread out and do damage over an area. And then there are the beam weapons that fire a continuous beam.

Ammunition comes in three types. Ion ammunition are energy based and do more damage against shields, but less damage against armour. Laser ammunition is also energy based but the focused heat damage of a laser damages shields as well as armour. Projectile ammunition is less effective against shields, but does increased damage against armour.

As you can see we have a lot of different weapons in Quantum Rush. It is important to note that there is no “ultimate super weapon”, instead you have to find the weapon that suits your playstyle best. Experimenting with the different weapons and ammunitions to find your preferred combination is one of the great attractions of Quantum Rush.



Details about the HUD!

Hello Pilots,

In todays update we want to show you the racer HUD in Quantum Rush.

The HUD (or Heads Up Display) displays all vital race data to the pilot without requiring them to look away from what is happening on the racetrack.

With all that could be happening during a race in Quantum Rush, we aim to provide enough visual and aural feedback to the player without distracting from the race and keeping the HUD as minimal as possible.

If you always put the pedal to the metal or fire non-stop from all barrels you will not get very far in Quantum Rush, as your racer will overheat quickly and cruicial racer systems, like weapons or pick-ups, get disabled for a period of time.

To make a long story short, be sure to familiarise yourself with the racer HUD. There you will find everything you need to keep you racer running at its best on the racetrack.

The individual parts of the HUD show your speed and heat level, your usable pick-ups, your current vehicle armour, the number of remaining laps and more.

Please refer to our legend below to see what kind of data each part of the HUD displays.


1 Temperatur The temperature of your racer
2 Inventory-Slots Inventory-Slots including pick-ups
3 Energy The current energy of your racer
4 Armor The current armour of your racer
5 Lap Current lap and remaining laps
6 Place Your place
7 Speed The current speed of your racer
8 Time (Start) Elapsed time since race start
Time (Lap) Elapsed time since last lap
Fastest Lap Your fastest lap

The Pick-ups in Quantum Rush

As you already know, Quantum Rush is a racer that also emphasizes combat between players. Therefore the pick-ups play a vital role in Quantum Rush.

Pick-ups are available on all race tracks and can be collected by driving over them. In Quantum Rush there are 3 pick-up item groups – offensive, defensive and manipulative.

The Homing Missile is an offensive pick-up which travels along the track and automatically targets the next opponent in front of you.

An example of a defensive pick-up is the impenetrable Firewall which nullifies negative effects and damage from all sources.

Manipulative type pick-ups provide utilities that have a positive effect on your racer and others that have a negative effect on your opponent’s racers. For example an Energy Cell can regenerate your shield and boost the energy of your racer. The Vision Scrambler on the other hand is used to obscure the targets field of view and hamper their ability to target other players, handy when you are about to over-take.

The pick-ups provide everything an action-packed racer needs. Those who like to plan strategically as well as those who prefer blazing guns can look forward to all the different opportunities Quantum Rush has to offer.

To make sure that no pick-up is too powerful or insignificant, we are working hard to balance out powers and effects of each pick-up. This ensures that Quantum Rush is a fair and enjoyable experience for all players.

In the following video you will see brand new, in-game material to give you an impression of three pick-ups and give a brief explanation of the pick-up system of Quantum Rush.

Have fun!

New Track “Airport” Completed!

Hello Pilots!

We are still busy putting together the next big update – which will include in-game footage of pickups – and it should be ready around next Tuesday. However, our artists have completed the next racetrack and so we have some screenshots for you. We promised to create racetracks with very different environments and – we hope you will agree – that is what we are doing! For now, we are just calling it “the Airport”. Please leave comments to give our artists some feedback!