Details about the HUD!

Hello Pilots,

In todays update we want to show you the racer HUD in Quantum Rush.

The HUD (or Heads Up Display) displays all vital race data to the pilot without requiring them to look away from what is happening on the racetrack.

With all that could be happening during a race in Quantum Rush, we aim to provide enough visual and aural feedback to the player without distracting from the race and keeping the HUD as minimal as possible.

If you always put the pedal to the metal or fire non-stop from all barrels you will not get very far in Quantum Rush, as your racer will overheat quickly and cruicial racer systems, like weapons or pick-ups, get disabled for a period of time.

To make a long story short, be sure to familiarise yourself with the racer HUD. There you will find everything you need to keep you racer running at its best on the racetrack.

The individual parts of the HUD show your speed and heat level, your usable pick-ups, your current vehicle armour, the number of remaining laps and more.

Please refer to our legend below to see what kind of data each part of the HUD displays.


1 Temperatur The temperature of your racer
2 Inventory-Slots Inventory-Slots including pick-ups
3 Energy The current energy of your racer
4 Armor The current armour of your racer
5 Lap Current lap and remaining laps
6 Place Your place
7 Speed The current speed of your racer
8 Time (Start) Elapsed time since race start
Time (Lap) Elapsed time since last lap
Fastest Lap Your fastest lap
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