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Quantum Rush goes alpha!

Hello Pilots,

Today, two weeks after Quantum Rush’s first trial by fire in form of an online racing event, we happily announce that we have reached alpha status.

It is official: Quantum Rush’s core features have been completed; important functionality, like buying and selling racers or the friends list that allows players to add friends as well as create teams to enter the matchmaking system together, has been implemented.

alpha phase

And so Quantum Rush is now on its way toward beta!

Before the closed beta phase can start, though, some more features, like sound and graphics settings and a launcher that automatically patches the game and keeps players up to date with patchnotes and important announcements, still have to be added.

A special training mode that gives players the chance to get to know the racetracks and racers will also be implemented. The most important task, however, will be fine-tuning the racers to allow both casual and hardcore gamers to enjoy the game.

There are some let’s play videos on Youtube that give you a good idea of the gameplay you can expect from Quantum Rush. You would like to get in touch with us? We are always happy to receive feedback, be it on Twitter, via email or on our blog.

Quantum Rush – first official online racing event is a success

Hello Pilots,

Last Wednesday we sent out invitations to the first official Quantum Rush online event. Within the scope of this event chosen guests from the gaming press had the opportunity to try out the first racing mode and compete against each other in exciting races.

Editors from the gaming press, gaming and racing enthusiasts as well as YouTubers and supporters of Quantum Rush from many different countries logged into the GameArt Studio servers to get a hands-on impression of the game at its current stage of development.

We had already announced that we would continue the development of Quantum Rush in our most recent Kickstarter update, regardless of the campaign’s result. Since then we had been very busy, but now we are back with news about this small and exclusive online event.

And we believe that the wait was worth its while: The event, which was also the first test of the game with external players, went off well and the game managed to captivate the players right away.

In any case, it is safe to say that the participants enjoyed their first contact with Quantum Rush: Instead of the planned 30 to 45 minutes of racing, the event lasted for almost 2 hours.

Other good news: As the event was a success, it will not be long now until the game goes into its official alpha phase.

The Quantum Rush team extends a special thank you to everyone who took part in the event – for the fun game session and the constructive feedback.

A few impressions from and reports about the event:

Thank you and see you soon in Quantum Rush!

Hello pilots,

This is our last update before the end of the Kickstarter campaign. Firstly, we want to say this is not the end but a new beginning for the development of Quantum Rush.
Although we did not meet our funding goal, the development of Quantum Rush will continue!

Some of the planned content and features will have to come in after the initial release but we will launch the game with its core features.

We thank all of you for your support. Not only for your pledges, but especially for your feedback and encouragement. It showed us that the genre of future racers still has fans who share our enthusiasm.

You can still donate

If you wish to continue supporting us morally and financially, you can donate in $ at our website until October 11th 2013. It will still be possible to support us after the 11th October 2013, however from then we can only accept payments in Euros.

Steam Greenlight

We are planning to submit Quantum Rush to Steam Greenlight.
We don’t have an exact date yet but as soon as we have any news on this, we will share them with you via Kickstarter updates and our channels listed below. With your support, Quantum Rush can get there.

Stay in contact with us:

Thank you!
Your Quantum Rush team

Press event and training mode planned

Hello pilots,

we are moving into the final phase and want to share some good news with you.

1. Quantum Rush online event

We have reached a new milestone. For quite some now the team could already race against each other, and soon the first external players can join. The feature set of the current version is, of course, still far from being complete, but you can already see  and feel where we want to go with Quantum Rush. We therefore plan an online event in the next weeks with editors from the gaming press and some youtubers.

As a thank you for your support we also offer all backers who pledged 90$ or more to take part in the online event. Just send us an private message until 9.10.2013 via kickstarter, including your email address. Please understand that we can not extend this offer to all backers at the moment.

2. Training mode

Since the start of the kickstarter campaign you have sent us many requests regarding a training mode. Thanks to your constructive and numerous feedback, we have decided to implement a training mode in the release version of Quantum Rush. This mode will give you the opportunity to practice the tracks without the interference of other players.

Tiers and Research Trees

Hello Pilots,

In the last few updates we explained how you will be able to customize your racer with new parts and weapons. Today’s update is about Quantum Rush’s research system, which allows you to unlock those new technologies.


In Quantum Rush, there will be ten different racing leagues, which we call tiers. The tier defines the available racetracks, the prizes and the admitted racers. With every new tier, you will be participating in faster and more deadly races, piloting better equipped racers.

All racer manufacturers offer at least one model range that provides one racer for each tier. Every time you reach a new tier, you will not only have access to faster racers but those racers will also feature more research and thus customization options.

Research Trees

Researching and acquiring a racer from a certain tier will automatically make you eligible to participate in races from that tier. In order to unlock a new racer, it will be necessary to first research certain technologies for the according manufacturer’s preceding racer.

Every racer has its own individual research tree. Researching a new technology for your racer will usually unlock further technologies. As you can see in the screenshot below, there will often be different paths to a certain technology. At the end of each research tree, you will find the according manufacturer’s racer of the next tier.

Initiating the research of a new technology or racer requires research points, which you earn by participating in races. The number of research points you will receive for participating in a single race depends on various factors: tier, place and damage dealt to other players. Apart from research points, taking part in races will also reward you with credits. Credits are required for fitting your racer with new parts and weapons and also for purchasing new racers.