Thank you and see you soon in Quantum Rush!

Hello pilots,

This is our last update before the end of the Kickstarter campaign. Firstly, we want to say this is not the end but a new beginning for the development of Quantum Rush.
Although we did not meet our funding goal, the development of Quantum Rush will continue!

Some of the planned content and features will have to come in after the initial release but we will launch the game with its core features.

We thank all of you for your support. Not only for your pledges, but especially for your feedback and encouragement. It showed us that the genre of future racers still has fans who share our enthusiasm.

You can still donate

If you wish to continue supporting us morally and financially, you can donate in $ at our website until October 11th 2013. It will still be possible to support us after the 11th October 2013, however from then we can only accept payments in Euros.

Steam Greenlight

We are planning to submit Quantum Rush to Steam Greenlight.
We don’t have an exact date yet but as soon as we have any news on this, we will share them with you via Kickstarter updates and our channels listed below. With your support, Quantum Rush can get there.

Stay in contact with us:

Thank you!
Your Quantum Rush team

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