Quantum Rush – first official online racing event is a success

Hello Pilots,

Last Wednesday we sent out invitations to the first official Quantum Rush online event. Within the scope of this event chosen guests from the gaming press had the opportunity to try out the first racing mode and compete against each other in exciting races.

Editors from the gaming press, gaming and racing enthusiasts as well as YouTubers and supporters of Quantum Rush from many different countries logged into the GameArt Studio servers to get a hands-on impression of the game at its current stage of development.

We had already announced that we would continue the development of Quantum Rush in our most recent Kickstarter update, regardless of the campaign’s result. Since then we had been very busy, but now we are back with news about this small and exclusive online event.

And we believe that the wait was worth its while: The event, which was also the first test of the game with external players, went off well and the game managed to captivate the players right away.

In any case, it is safe to say that the participants enjoyed their first contact with Quantum Rush: Instead of the planned 30 to 45 minutes of racing, the event lasted for almost 2 hours.

Other good news: As the event was a success, it will not be long now until the game goes into its official alpha phase.

The Quantum Rush team extends a special thank you to everyone who took part in the event – for the fun game session and the constructive feedback.

A few impressions from and reports about the event:




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