Monthly Archives: Tuesday November 19th, 2013

Quantum Rush – Race in Space!

Hello pilots,

Today, we have a new highlight for you, namely a video of a brand-new racetrack.

What is special about this track: it’s in space! You will be racing over and through various asteroids and reckless mining machines constitute an additional hazard.

This new racetrack, which will already be available in the closed beta of Quantum Rush, demands a high degree of skill from the pilot and is a good example for the wild possibilities offered by the game’s racing mechanics.

The new, innovative track elements make for an exciting challenge for skilled players and – in our opinion – also look really good.

We hope you like the new track as much as we do and we are always happy to receive your feedback!

Three new Racers

Hello pilots,

We have three new graphical treats for you!

Our artists have created three brand-new tier one racers.

Every image shows the concept art as well as the finished and rendered version of the racer.

The whole art team is working tirelessly to design a large number of different racers and have them ready for release.

Which one of the three new racers is your favourite?