Patch Notes and accouncement

Hello pilots,

today’s patch has a lot of changes. Besides many bugfixes we have worked on the race tracks Coastal and Airport: We fixed graphical bugs and integrated more pick-ups and booster pads on Coastal.

1. Patchnotes

Race tracks


  • We added booster-pads, the track should feel more racy now.
  • We also added different pick-ups along the track. This should make pick-ups more important.
  • The booster-pads and pick-ups are available for both track directions.


  • The power of external booster pads are reduced
  • fixed a pick-up bug


  • A warning is displayed when the racer overheats.
  • Many tooltips added
  • Unavailable racer previews in the research-GUI are not longer displayed as a white rectangle.
  • Added a short description for every manufacturer in the research tree.
  • Audio settings are not resetted any more when entering a practice race.
  • The lobby status display no longer shows incorrect values when lobbies are merged.


  • The armour damage of ion weapons are slightly reduced, the shield damage slightly raised.


  • fixed a bug that prevented to open a private chat with a friend.

2. Announcement

At the moment the Quantum Rush Team is working on improving and optimizing the Canyon track. And a brand new track is also in the making! More infos on that will follow soon.

See you on the race tracks!
Your Quantum Rush Team

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