Status update: NPCs, new pickups and more …

Hello pilots,

Today, we would like to give you an overview of the current status of Quantum Rush and tell you what we are currently working on.

The development team is working full steam ahead to implement NPC pilots. Whenever there are not enough players to start a race, the missing spots will be filled up by these NPCs. This will remove the need to wait for more players to start a race.

Another important issue, which many of you have brought to our attention, is the sensation of speed – it seems slow, although the actual speeds are quite high. We will improve this aspect and create a more intense experience of speed and velocity.

Additionally, we are designing a new pick-up that will slow down the leading players in a race and we are also working to improve the lag issues and input delays.

The launcher will be improved, too. For example, it will indicate the size of the files it is downloading.

Our artists are creating more racers and weapons for higher tiers. They are also optimizing the existing race tracks by improving the graphics and fixing bugs. More new tracks are also in the pipeline.

The game design team is fine-tuning the tracks and racers to provide a more balancend racing experience.

And, of course, every day, we are fixing bugs reported by you. As you can see: we are moving forward!

Here is a list of the features that are already implemented and working:

Garage: You can look at and select your racers in the garage, buy and manage additional configuration pages and you can also buy new racers and racer slots.

Racer configuration: The most important functionailty is already there. You can pimp your ride with new parts and modules. And you can purchase and apply new colors.

Research: Researching racers and racer parts is a very important feature, and it works. It still lacks a more intuitive interface, so we will publish a little guide for this part of the game soon.

Matchmaking: The matchmaking system, which creates groups of up to twenty players, is working as intended. While waiting for the start of the race, each player can choose their racer, the racer configuration and vote for a track (there are always two tracks to choose from and a third option for a random track).

Race tracks:
The following tracks are available now: Canyon (Tier 1-4), Airport (Tier 1-4), Coastal (Tier 1-5), GT1 (Tier 1-5) and Asteroid (Tier 3-6).

Races: There are three racing modes, Death Race, Speed Race and the Practice Mode. During the races you can fire the primary weapons as well as collect and use pickups (defensive, offensive, buff and debuff). The internal boost, which uses up energy, and the energy system are also an integral part of the races. Special track elements like speed boosts or energy recharge fields are used on every race track. There are also harmful track elements that slow you down or heat up your racer.

Social features: After ironing out some bugs you can now send out friend requests, manage your friends list and see who of your friends is online.

Chat: Like most online games, Quantum Rush offers a chat system. You can chose one of various general chat channels (currently German, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Polish and Russian) and every matchmaking lobby gets its own channel, too. You can also chat privately with your friends.

Highscores and statistics: The leaderboards show which pilots are the most skilled. They can be filtered (by racing mode, track, etc.), sorted and offer a player search. Also, players can check their personal statistics, like researched racer parts, top 3-rankings, etc.

As you can see, we are making good progress in the closed beta. And your feedback is a great help! Still, we have several issues that need work:

You can currently not sell a racer. Inviting friends to a team or creating teams is not possible at the moment. You can chat with your friends, but there are a few related bugs. We are working to make this all come into the game as soon as possible!

We hope you enjoyed this insight into the current development status of Quantum Rush.

See you on the race track!

Hint: If you would like to participate in races with many other players, please try to log in between 7:00 and 9:00 p.m. CET!

Your Quantum Rush Team

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One thought on “Status update: NPCs, new pickups and more …

  1. TwinDrags

    THIS is the news I have been waiting for!!! Can’t wait for these ideas to be implemented to make the game more enjoyable as it already is on top of my awesome list 😀


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