Research Guide

Hello Pilots,

We have noted that the user interface for researching racers and racer upgrades is not intuitive enough. Consequently, our user interface artists are now working on improvements for that interface.

For the meantime, we have written a short guide that explains how to use the current research interface.

Research Guide

  1. Click on the research icon in the garage.
  2. Select a racer manufacturer on the left side of the window.
  3. Click on the image of one of the racers in your posession – they are labled as “owned”.
  4. A window appears that shows all elements of that racer’s research tree and their dependencies. The dark grey elements can not be researched, you can unlock them by researching elements that point towards them. The light grey elements can be researched. Click on one of the light grey elements.
  5. A window appears that shows the benefits and costs of researching the chosen component or racer. If you have enough research points you can initiate the research.
  6. As soon as the research is finished, you can buy the component in the garage’s customization area and install it in your racer.

At the end of each research tree, you will find the according manufacturer’s racer of the next tier.

We hope that helps! Have fun on the race tracks!

Your Quantum Rush Team

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