Monthly Archives: Friday May 23rd, 2014

Sneak Peek: Tunnel Track

Patch notes 0.8.1440 – „lag issue“ solved!

Hello pilots,

Today’s patch fixes some important bugs and introduces a few changes.

The most important bugfix: The respawn of other players and bots was causing the game to temporarily freeze and the camera to judder, something that many players had already reported as a „lag issue“. Once we could exclude actual lag as the root of the problem and after receiving some helpful hints from vigilant pilots, we were able to identify and fix this issue.

Relevant changes were made to the balancing of boosters and the booster mechanics. Boosters are now more differentiated but, at the same time, tend to share the same strengths and flaws depending on the manufacturer.

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Large update & greenlit on Steam!

Hello pilots!

First of all, thank you! Quantum Rush has just been greenlit on Steam, thanks to your relentless support. We will honour your efforts by continuing to work hard and improving the game based on your feedback.


The other great news is that we have just released an update that brings lots of improvements as well as new content to the game.

Acting on your feedback, we have not only made further changes to the steering mechanics but also implemented a tutorial that explains the steering controls as well as the usage of weapons and pickups. Also, we have uploaded a video of the new race track for you!

Read on for the detailed patch notes.

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Player feedback – Controls, Lags and Single-Player

Hello pilots,

we receive a lot of feedback for Quantum Rush. Especially regarding problems and where we can improve.

Thanks for your numerous and constructive feedback!

We plan like to implement your suggestions immediately and get them online as soon as possible.

Easier controls

The complicated controls were criticised often. We will therefore reduce the complexity of the controls with the next update.

Online Tutorial

We will also implement a playable tutorial to help new players with the racing controls and weapon usage.

Lag Optimizations

One of the most problematic issues in your feedback is the lag. Especially for players outside Europe the gaming experience can become unpleasant as our servers are located in Germany. Continue reading