Player feedback – Controls, Lags and Single-Player

Hello pilots,

we receive a lot of feedback for Quantum Rush. Especially regarding problems and where we can improve.

Thanks for your numerous and constructive feedback!

We plan like to implement your suggestions immediately and get them online as soon as possible.

Easier controls

The complicated controls were criticised often. We will therefore reduce the complexity of the controls with the next update.

Online Tutorial

We will also implement a playable tutorial to help new players with the racing controls and weapon usage.

Lag Optimizations

One of the most problematic issues in your feedback is the lag. Especially for players outside Europe the gaming experience can become unpleasant as our servers are located in Germany.

But rest assured that we will soon implement further lag optimizations. And we are researching other ways to offer Quantum Rush fans all over the world a fun racing experience.

A Quantum Rush single player version?

More servers, distributed on more continents would be one possibility. Another one could be a single player version of Quantum Rush. The last suggestion was requested by many gamers.

What do you think?

Would you like to play a single player version of Quantum Rush? What features would you like to see?

As always: We are looking forward to your feedback!

We have already opened a new area in our forum to gather your suggestions and opinions and discuss them.

Have fun on the race tracks,

Your Quantum Rush team

PS: Don’t forget to vote for Quantum Rush on Steam Greenlight!

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