Large update & greenlit on Steam!

Hello pilots!

First of all, thank you! Quantum Rush has just been greenlit on Steam, thanks to your relentless support. We will honour your efforts by continuing to work hard and improving the game based on your feedback.


The other great news is that we have just released an update that brings lots of improvements as well as new content to the game.

Acting on your feedback, we have not only made further changes to the steering mechanics but also implemented a tutorial that explains the steering controls as well as the usage of weapons and pickups. Also, we have uploaded a video of the new race track for you!

Read on for the detailed patch notes.

New features and changes

  • Manoeuvrability has been improved. The basic steering controls now suffice, in most cases, to master all of a track’s turns. The airbrakes continue to be an essential gameplay element that offers more possibilities for . They allow the experienced pilot to avoid unexpected obstacles faster and get through tight turns even under difficult circumstances.
  • An optional in-game tutorial now explains the controls on the race track and the HUD elements. You can choose to play through the tutorial as often as you wish. The first time you complete the tutorial, you will receive credits, research points and Qoins.
  • Work has also been invested into further improving lag compensation. The position of the racer on the client will need to be corrected less frequently by the server now.
  • The AI of the server-controlled NPCs has been overhauled to improve server performance. The new system also improves AI navigation on difficult tracks (e.g. Asteroid).
  • The chat rooms for various languages have been merged into one “main” chat room. The old system was unnecessarily separating players into various channels and thereby restricting communication.

Race tracks

City Speedway
The new race track “City Speedway” is now available for tier 1 to 4.

The acceleration pads in front of the second jump (in forward direction) give you a stronger push now.

At the exits of the under water tube, racers will now be flipped toward the ground if they are still upside down.

The acceleration pad in the green park area only had an effect if you were already travelling at your maximum velocity. This has been fixed.


The credit and research point rewards for inflicting damage to other racers have been reduced.

The damage and heat generation values of all weapons have been balanced.

All engines have been rebalanced as part of the changes to manoeuvrability.

Armours now have a mass that effects handling. The stronger the armour, the more strongly it will negatively effect turning, acceleration and drift.


  • The “Help” button in the main menu now brings up the in-game web browser with the game guide.
  • Self-inflicted damage will not count towards damage rewards anymore.
  • Damage absorbed by a racer’s energy shield will now count toward the attacker’s damage rewards.
  • Lock-on missiles should now always hit the correct target.
  • ESC will now bring up the main menu during a race again. F1 does the same.
  • Clicking on the credits, research points or Qoins symbol in the status window in the bottom right corner during the last few seconds of a count down in the matchmaking lobby led to various errors. This issue was fixed.
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