Patch notes 0.8.1440 – „lag issue“ solved!

Hello pilots,

Today’s patch fixes some important bugs and introduces a few changes.

The most important bugfix: The respawn of other players and bots was causing the game to temporarily freeze and the camera to judder, something that many players had already reported as a „lag issue“. Once we could exclude actual lag as the root of the problem and after receiving some helpful hints from vigilant pilots, we were able to identify and fix this issue.

Relevant changes were made to the balancing of boosters and the booster mechanics. Boosters are now more differentiated but, at the same time, tend to share the same strengths and flaws depending on the manufacturer.

Read on for the detailed patch notes:

New features and changes

  • You won’t need to enter your login data to access the Quantum Rush website through the game’s internal browser anymore. You will now be logged in automatically.
  • The boosting mechanic has been reworked to counter an exploit that allowed you to gain an advantage by repeatedly activating the boost for a very short time. Activating the boost will now instantly consume a certain amount of energy and produce heat.
  • The option to switch from the controls overview to the participants list while loading to a race track has been removed for trainings and for the tutorial.


  • You will now lose speed more quickly when you stop accelerating. This also means that, with some engines, you will now lose more speed when extending an airbrake for a quick turn.
  • All boosters have been reworked to create more variety. The manufacturer-dependent characteristics have been rebalanced.

Ion Energy Systems

  • The manoeuvrability of all IES racers has been slightly improved.

Nitroid Racing

  • The top speed of all Nitroid engines has been slightly decreased.


  • At times, primary weapons and pickups would not react to user input. This should be fixed now.
  • The respawn of other players or bots was causing the game to freeze for a short moment and it also resulted in camera judder. This problem has been solved.
  • The projectiles of shotgun weapons now behave as intended again.
  • The attempt to use auto-fire weapons before weapons are unlocked no longer produces weapon sounds.
  • A bug has been fixed that could prevent bots from being able to finish a race.
  • The effect of the acceleration pad in front of the jump in the race track „City Speedway“ has been intensified to make sure that all racers manage to reach the other side.
  • The tutorial windows can now be closed with a gamepad or the keyboard. Before, you had to click on the buttons with your mouse.

Have fun on the race tracks!

The Quantum Rush Team

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