0.8.1489 patch notes – new launcher and ping indicator

Hello pilots,

Today, we have brought two important changes online:

The launcher has been overhauled to speed up downloads and allow for smaller updates.

Players will now see their ping to our game servers in the game mode menu. This will allow everyone to know if lag during online races is a result of a poor connection.

Here go the details:

New features and changes

  • The Quantum Rush Launcher received a complete overhaul. It’s much smaller in size now and downloads should be a lot faster.
  • In the game mode menu, you will now see your ping (the time it takes to send data from your PC to our servers and receive a response). If the ping is displayed in green, there should be no connection-related lag. Currently, we can only offer servers for central Europe.
  • The attribute window for weapons now shows additional information: number of projectiles per shot (relevant for shotguns), damage per second to shields, damage per second to armour.

Quantum Rush Ping


  • The server-controlled AI racers were sometimes spamming their auto-fire or beam weapons, which led to cut-off sound effects. This issue has been fixed.

Have fun on the race tracks!

The Quantum Rush Team

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