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Server Issues

Hello Pilots,

As many of you noticed we had some server issues since the launch of Quantum Rush on Steam. And that wasn’t nice neither for you nor for us.

After some investigation and in depth analysis we arrived at the conclusion that the problems are caused by the highscores. We decided to switch them off to optimize them and bring them back online with the next patch. We think it is more important to keep the servers going so that they can cope with the surge in new players.

All gaming data will still be saved. All races continue to count for highscores and will be visible again when the highscore listings will be back.

Your Quantum Rush Team

Quantum Rush Online now on Steam!

Hello pilots!

Today we have fantastic news for you: Quantum Rush Online is now available on Steam!

You can get Quantum Rush Online through this Steam link:

QR Online now on Steam

The game comes on Steam with some decisive advantages, e.g. after login you can immediately see which of your friends are on the race tracks of Quantum Rush Online.

Steam also has a great worldwide community, so you should find many new racing friends!

Please note: If you already have an existing Quantum Rush Online account, you can decide if you want keep this account as is and create a new one on Steam, or convert your existing account into your Steam account. For more information please visit our forum!

We thank you for your feedback and your great support and wish you lots of fun on the racing track! 

Your Quantum Rush team

Please note: At present Quantum Rush Online is only available on Steam in Europe, Russia and CIS (more information is given in the user forum)! So far we have only server in Germany and ping times for countries outside of these regions are too high.

Quantum Rush: Champions – Vote now on Steam Greenlight!

Hello Players,

First of all we’d like to thank all those who supported us through backing us or through their helpful feedback.

It’s sad that we didn’t reach our target but development will continue!

We know that there are many fans of future racers out there, but running the campaign during the world cup was not the best choice for Kickstarter.

How do we go on now?!

We will definitely develop Quantum Rush: Champions and release it on Steam as soon as the game gets greenlit! Please vote for Quantum Rush:Champions on Steam Greenlight so that the game will be available on Steam this year!

qr champions greenlight banner

Quantum Rush: Champions will come with all basic features in Early Access and will be continuously developed and expanded.

At the same time development on Quantum Rush Online will continue. We hope to soon announce the release of the online version.

So there are many exciting things to come in the near term.

Here is a glimpse on on a new track to be available soon:

We hope you like the track!

We look forward to your feedback!

your Quantum Rush team

The Ice Comet Track

Hello Pilots!

We’ve been hard at work on new tracks and today we would like to share some scenes from one of them.

It is the second track in our space environment; on a bizarrely shaped, gigantic comet covered with ice and snow.

The ice comet track will be available at higher tiers, which will be revealed when the track becomes available to race.

This track coming soon to Quantum Rush Champions and Quantum Rush Online. Until then we hope you enjoy these screens of the ice comet!

Your Quantum Rush Team

Patchnotes 0.9.39 – New thruster effects and steam preparation!

Hello Pilots,

Today we have a small patch bringing in changes for racer thruster effects.
The visual enhancement is visible right off the bat. Each manufacturer has a different colour effect when boosting.


Please let us know what you think about the new thrusters! Is the visual effect to weak or to dominant? Is there anything that could be further improved in them?

We look forward to your feedback in the “suggestion area” at the Quantum Rush forum.

Additionally we have been making preparation for release on the steam platform, more details will come soon.

Of course you can also get in touch with us via mail, Facebook, Twitter and our other social media outposts.

Have a blast on the racetracks!
Your Quantum Rush Team

Quantum Rush: Champions career mode: An outlook on the challenges awaiting you

Hello Pilots,

Today, we would like to present to you a few of the many challenges that you will encounter in Quantum Rush: Champions.

In the Career mode, you will have to master a large variety of challenges to unlock upgrades for your racers and to perfect your piloting skills. Your ultimate goal: making history as the galaxy’s champion of all racing leagues.

Quantum-Rush-Champions-Challenges Continue reading