Quantum Rush: Champions career mode: An outlook on the challenges awaiting you

Hello Pilots,

Today, we would like to present to you a few of the many challenges that you will encounter in Quantum Rush: Champions.

In the Career mode, you will have to master a large variety of challenges to unlock upgrades for your racers and to perfect your piloting skills. Your ultimate goal: making history as the galaxy’s champion of all racing leagues.


The better you perform in the challenges, the faster your fame will grow and the higher your rewards will be: depending on your performance, you will receive a bronze, silver or gold medal upon winning a challenge.

One of the challenge types will be a tournament in which you have to participate in a sequence of races. In order to master this challenge, you will have to make it into the top 3 of each race. Scoring first place in each of the races will get you the gold medal.

Hit the Target
In the challenge “Hit the Target”, you will have to touch targets distributed around the race track in a certain time. The number of targets you manage to hit determines the kind of medal you receive.


Once you have won some challenges, you will be able to take on the first of the bosses. Each tier has its own boss and there will be different types of boss challenges.

Here is one example of such a boss encounter: the boss’s racer is equipped with extremely powerful generators and cooling aggregates, allowing him to make use of his internal booster more than usual. However, his maxed-out systems generate such high voltages that nearby racers will be able to absorb some of his energy.
In order to keep up, you will have to stay close to him at all times so you can make use of that additional energy.

What about you? What kind of challenges and boss encounters do you expect?
Write us your ideas and wishes and we will see what we can do!

We are eager for your feedback so we can make the game you want to play. So, if you can spare the time, please get involved! Tell us your own vision of Quantum Rush: Champions!

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