Quantum Rush: Champions – Vote now on Steam Greenlight!

Hello Players,

First of all we’d like to thank all those who supported us through backing us or through their helpful feedback.

It’s sad that we didn’t reach our target but development will continue!

We know that there are many fans of future racers out there, but running the campaign during the world cup was not the best choice for Kickstarter.

How do we go on now?!

We will definitely develop Quantum Rush: Champions and release it on Steam as soon as the game gets greenlit! Please vote for Quantum Rush:Champions on Steam Greenlight so that the game will be available on Steam this year!

qr champions greenlight banner

Quantum Rush: Champions will come with all basic features in Early Access and will be continuously developed and expanded.

At the same time development on Quantum Rush Online will continue. We hope to soon announce the release of the online version.

So there are many exciting things to come in the near term.

Here is a glimpse on on a new track to be available soon:

We hope you like the track!

We look forward to your feedback!

your Quantum Rush team

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