Quantum Rush Online now on Steam!

Hello pilots!

Today we have fantastic news for you: Quantum Rush Online is now available on Steam!

You can get Quantum Rush Online through this Steam link:

QR Online now on Steam

The game comes on Steam with some decisive advantages, e.g. after login you can immediately see which of your friends are on the race tracks of Quantum Rush Online.

Steam also has a great worldwide community, so you should find many new racing friends!

Please note: If you already have an existing Quantum Rush Online account, you can decide if you want keep this account as is and create a new one on Steam, or convert your existing account into your Steam account. For more information please visit our forum!

We thank you for your feedback and your great support and wish you lots of fun on the racing track! 

Your Quantum Rush team

Please note: At present Quantum Rush Online is only available on Steam in Europe, Russia and CIS (more information is given in the user forum)! So far we have only server in Germany and ping times for countries outside of these regions are too high.

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