Update – 2 new tracks and Tier 5!

Hello Pilots,

Today we present you a big update with 2 new racetracks, the racers for tier 5 and many improvements and bugfixes. The highscore list is active again and the hunt for the top placements goes on. We wish you lots of fun on the new racetracks and look forward to your YouTube videos!

The tunnel track „Selenit Tunnels“ is now available! (Tiers 1-9)
On this fast track the borders between up and down and left and right diffuse. As pilots race through the tunnels at breakneck speed they have to keep the perfect racing line in mind without colliding with one of the many moving obstacles!

Tunnel Track Pic 7

The volcano track „Chthonic Crater“ is now available! (Tiers 3-8)
Beginning at the foot of a volcano, participants fight their way through tunnels and caves filled with lava until they reach the glowing peak. Only those using a good cooling system can keep their head cool!

Volcano Track Pic 2

Tier 5 is now available!
Racer manufactures finally send their tier 5 racers into action, so you can show who drives the best vehicle on our brand new race tracks! From now on tier 5 racers can be researched in the usual way over the research tree.

Besides that we have substantial innovations, changes and bugfixes:


  • The slowdown for using air brakes was reduced. This has no influence on their strength. You will only lose less speed by using air brakes.
  • Because of a bug primary weapons of Nitroid and Nano racers did not have the intended damage values. All NIT/NMW primary weapons now have slightly changed damage values.

Ion Energy Systems

  • the internal boosters of Ion Energy racers were weakened (-10% top speed, -20% force)
  • the maximum temperature of all IES cooling systems was reduced by abt. 10%

Nitroid Racing

  • the cooling speed of all NIT cooling systems was reduced by 50%.


  • damage of pickup „Area of Defect“ was reduced by 55%
  • damage of pickup „Bodyslam“ on armour was reduced by 30%, the duration of the effect prolonged by 1 second.
  • velocity speed of the pickup „Charge Bolt“ was improved by 20%
  • range of pickup „Roommaker“ was improved by 5 meters

Optimization of tracks

On most tracks we fixed errors from collisions with hills, walls and other objects. Besides that the track “Asteroid Belt“ is now available with Tier 2!

„Asteroid Belt“

  • we added some booster pads to speed up the races on lower tiers

„Novasea Canyon“

  • NPC navigation on this track was improved

„Solarstorm Coast“

  • some problems with display and graphics were fixed
  • the flying fish are gone
  • NPC navigation on this track was improved

„City Speedway“

  • energy charging speed of energy generation fields was slightly reduced

Other changes

  • the highscore lists are available again and optimized
  • some problems with the bad words filter were fixed
  • respawn time of destroyed racers was increased from 1 second to 1,5 seconds
  • when your racer is destroyed, the view on your own racer is available until respawn time is over


  • a graphics bug with the garage was fixed
  • there is no more error sound effect if you use the „Booster Energy Cell“ without energy
  • in the tutorial step „Use Lock-On Rocket“ the NPC is now always destroyed when it is hit by a rocket
  • the impact effect is now always shown if an adversary is hit with a primary weapon or a pickup
  • an error with respawn was fixed which blocked the angle in the rear camera for the rest of the race
  • no more menu sound effects are played during a race
  • camera does no longer shake in training mode when placing a mine
  • a bug was fixed that made racers immortal on some rare occasions
  • after the end of a race the racer will no longer react to player entries
  • in the parts detail window of primary weapons now values from damage onto shield energy are rounded correctly
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