New Video – Selenit Tunnel

Hello Pilots!

Today we published a new video on the “Selenit Tunnel”!

We hope you’ll like it!

As any track in this racing game, the tunnel track “Selenit Tunnel” demands excellent driving skills from players. For each track players will need a different racing strategy to win.

The “Selenit Tunnel” is available for tiers 1 to 7 and challenges players especially by blurring the lines between up and down and left and right, when they race at high speed through the narrow tunnels, which are drivable by full 360 degrees.

All participants of a races start at the same height right at the start line, but some of them (chosen at random) start upside-down! From the start of a race players face the challenge to keep the overview of the action on the track.

Players have to keep in mind how the tunnel evolves and find the shortest driving line.

Besides that, rotating obstacles move through the tunnels and complicate driving additionally.

Those, who are confident enough can take a shortcut through a second and much narrower tube which comes with even more obstacles!

The bottom line is: Only who keeps a cool head, drives with foresight and finds the booster pads and pickups along the track has a chance to step onto the podium.

At any rate, the Selenit Tunnel is an ingenious racing track with a clear focus not so much on fights but on high-speed racing maneuvers.

We wish you lots of fun with testing your racing strategies on the track.

Your Quantum Rush team

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