New Track Deuterium Rally

Hello Pilots,

With the patch of today not only a new track went online but some bugs were fixed as well!

The new track is a mountain track called Deuterium Rally. It is available for tiers 3-9.
On this track, it is important the get out the most from pickups and booster-pads distributed along the edges of the abyss without losing the ground under your feet and crash!

quantum rush - deuterium rallyWe also fixed some bugs related to collision processing and graphics errors for other tracks.

Here are the details:


On most of the tracks we fixed bugs related to collisions with the environment and some graphics bugs, especially on the Asteroid Belt and the Chtonic Crater.

Metro Highway

  • Racers no longer emerge into the soil after a big jump

Novasea Canyon

  • on their second jump on the backwards track, tier 5 racers now no longer jump upwards until they crash into the stone arc

Selenit Tunnel

  • the crossings between the inner and outer tubes were improved. Players now keep more control over their racer on these areas

Bug fixes

  • the wreck of a destroyed racer now no longer initiates checkpoints on the track and finish a race
  • the heat sound effect will now stop if a player dies on a heat field

Your Quantum Rush team

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