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Manual for Quantum Rush: Champions

Hello Pilots,

we would like to draw you attention to our updated manual of Quantum Rush: Champions.

You can find it on our Steam store page just follow the link (

The manual contains not only basic information like the description of the different game modes, but also an overview of the game controls and a detailed explanation of the pick up’s in Quantum Rush: Champions.


For further questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!

Have fun on the racetracks!

Your Quantum Rush team

Quantum Rush: Champions – New Video explains racer properties

Hello Pilots,

Auriga, Kite and Clipper, these are the names of the tier 1 racers in Quantum Rush: Champions. Each of these racers has different strengths and weaknesses.

We have a new video for you in which you can see all three racers in their full splendor:

The following overview shows strengths and weaknesses the racers have:

Manufacturer: Ion Energy Systems

+ High energy capacity
+ High end speed
–  Slow acceleration
–  Poor armor

Tier 1 racer: Auriga

If the energy of this racer is used up, it causes an electromagnetic pulse that disables the weapon systems of racers nearby.

Manufacturer: Nitroid Racing

+ High acceleration
+ Strong internal booster
+ Heat management
–  Low energy capacity
–  Weak shields
–  Slow steering

Tier 1 racer: Kite

The systems of this racer keep on running even if it overheats. This way it can generate more heat and go to the extremes. However, if it becomes too hot it explodes.

Manufacturer: Nanofabric Motorworks

+ High resistance
+ Good steering
–  Average speed
–  Average acceleration

Tier 1 racer: Clipper

This racer is difficult to lock on with target lock-on weapons. It can use various pickup weapons more effectively.

We wish you lots of fun and exciting hours with Quantum Rush: Champions!

Your Quantum Rush team

Quantum Rush: Champions now available on Steam!

Hello Pilots,

We are extremely happy to let you know that Quantum Rush: Champions is now available on Steam in Early Access!

We released the game in Early Access because we wish to involve you into the development of the game (just as we already did with Quantum Rush Online).

We look forward to your feedback!

Full information on the content of the Early Access Version is available on the Steam page of the game.

We wish you lots of fun and many exciting hours with Quantum Rush: Champions!

Your Quantum Rush Team

Quantum Rush: Champions – Permission for Early Access Release on Steam

Hello Pilots,

Today we have great news for you: We got permission to release the Early Access version of Quantum Rush: Champions!

The hard work of the past weeks was worth it: We made a great step forward and achieved an important milestone in the development of the game.

QR Champions soon on Steam Early Access

This means for you: Keep your eyes open as the release of the Early Access version is not far away!

We would suggest you follow Quantum Rush on Greenlight to stay updated with the release date.

We wish you a great week and lots of fun on the racing tracks!

Your Quantum Rush team