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more information about Boss Fights

Hello Pilots!

Last week we presented you a new video of the bosses. Today we’d like to show you 3 of the many boss challenges.


Now a few examples of challenge scenarios:

Energy Leaker

The enemy in this boss challenge uses a powerful booster with special energetic properties. If he boosts then energy jumps over to racers nearby. You aim at synchronizing your own internal booster with the one of your boss adversary to take advantage of the energy leaking over.

Devils Triplet

In this boss challenge you fight up to 3 powerful adversaries at once. They have special abilities with which they support each other to set up traps to get you.

Your aim is to eliminate the leader of the triplet. It is of advantage to eliminate his companions first to weaken his racer!

Bomb Target

For this boss challenge you need strong nerves!

The race track is prepared with special lock-on pickups you have to use to eliminate your adversaries. However, these detonate after a short countdown. You have to permanently decide if the boss adversary is within range and if it is possible to use the pickup fast enough.

We wish you lots of fun and exciting hours with Quantum Rush: Champions!

Your Quantum Rush team.

Quantum Rush: Champions – Bosses in Early Access

Hello Pilots,

Today we’d like to tell you more about the bosses.

At the end of each tier in the Early Access campaign the boss Vengarra Gur waits for you! You have to defeat him to unlock the next higher tier.

Vengarra Gur is a master of mean tricks with which he wants to turn the race into hell!

We have a new video for you in which we show you the boss fights. With the release coming soon more bosses will follow.

Which special properties Vengarra’s racers have can be seen in the following overview:

Tier 1 – 3
Here, your arch enemy in the Jump Start tournament uses especially effective weapon systems, he also likes to use energy balls and mines, and many at the same time!

Tier 4

Vengarra Gur races with an illegally tuned engine. Besides that he seems to have struck a deal with the race director who permits him to head off before countdown ends. Avoid the smoke clouds he generates to impair your vision!

Tier 5!

Vengarra uses a scrambler that allows him to block your internal booster, your primary weapon and your pickups to kick you out of the tournament!

Can you defeat Vengarra Gur and decide the exclusive Early Access campaign Jump Start tournaments for yourself?

We wish you lots of fun and many thrilling hours with Quantum Rush: Champions!

Your Quantum Rush team

Quantum Rush: Champions – Soundtrack available!

Hello Pilots,

Many of you asked for it – and now you can get it for your MP3-player: The Quantum Rush Soundtrack!

The soundtrack is available as DLC for Quantum Rush Champions on Steam. The download contains all the soundtracks from the game and 4 bonus tracks!

It also contains all tracks as a loop version!

For more details visit the Steam page of the game ( or the DLC page of the Quantum Rush soundtrack (

P.S.: We’d like to know what you think about the game! So let us know, we’re happy about each review!

We wish you lots of fun on the race track!

Your Quantum Rush Team

Quantum Rush: Champions – Early Access Update

Hello Pilots,

As we announced last week, today we have a really big update for you! This update contains mostly new content for the campaign, new racers, new challenge-types and foremost the Arcade mode! Besides that, we have made Quantum Rush Champions now available in Spanish, Italian and French.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your great feedback! It matters to us and that’s why we fulfilled your wish and made all menus gamepad compatible and fixed most of the bugs you reported.

Full information on the update can be found below.

We hope you like the update and we look forward to your feedback and your reviews!

1. Extended campaigns

The exclusive Early Access campaign „Jump Start Tournaments“ gets 2 new tiers. These contain many new challenges, 2 brand new challenge types and 2 merciless boss fights.

To unlock tier 4 you also have to win a new boss fight in tier 3 of this campaign.

1.1 New tiers

With the new tiers, for each manufacturer a player now gets tier 4 and tier 5 racers including parts which can be unlocked.

1.2 New challenge types

The 2 new challenge types “Time Trial” and “Hit the Target“ are now available!

In Time Trial the player has to perform a solo race with 3 laps and beat the best time.

In Hit the Target the player has to perform one lap only, but he also has to race through certain targets to avoid penalty seconds.

1.3 New race track

Together with the new tiers a new race track becomes available, the mountain track “Deuterium Rally“!

In this thrilling race down the slopes of a mountain players have to get out the most of the many pickups and boosters placed right at the edge of the cliffs without loosing the ground under their feet!

1.4 Degree of difficulty & new NPC opponents

The artificial intelligence of the NPC opponents has been improved. Now they act smarter and are no longer such an easy target for experienced players!

Consequently, the degree of difficulty of all challenges has been adjusted in such a way that both new players and professionals will have a new and motivating gaming experience !

2. Arcade mode

The Arcade mode is now available!

It allows players to configure and drive races and challenges freely. They have various options which allow them to imitate the races of a campaign and to create new kinds of challenges by their own.

Some options such as choice of race track and choice of glider are restricted at start and are unlocked through mastering of challenges.
The Arcade mode will get some new options in the near future.

3. Gamepad support

All menus now support gamepad control!

We listened to the feedback from the players and our plan to make Quantum Rush: Champions fully compatible to gamepad was carried through. All menus now are fully controllable with the gamepad.

We will work on the controls in future as well and improve them where possible!

4. New languages available

Quantum Rush: Champions can now be played in Spanish, Italian and French. You can select the language in the game options in your Steam library.

5. Other changes

The Arcade mode is now available.

  • the tracks Novasea Canyon, Solarstorm Coast and Turbonetic Grounds are now available as a standard and more tracks can be unlocked in the campaign
  • the degrees of NPC difficulties “Easy”, “Medium”, “Hard” and “Nightmare” are now available
  • all settings related to change-type are now available
  • respawn limit for players and NPCs have been added to the game


  • in Racer Customization you can see an overview of the racer properties
  • in Customization you can see 3D models of parts

Bug fixes

  • racers no longer get stuck with their front in narrow corners of the track
  • sorting order of participants in the placements window of game mode “Death Match” now works properly
  • the game no longer freezes for a second on use of automatic primary weapon
  • exploding racers now cause a backwards shock
  • the property “Armor Strength” of racer shields is no longer converted to ‘MJ’
  • Colors are unlocked for all racers on winning a challenge
  • racers no longer move their air brakes on change of parts
  • some defective single shot guns of tier 3 racers have been removed, as they caused problems in racer display
  • loading speed of an engine that could be unlocked with Nitroid tier 3 – Vulture was set to normal