Quantum Rush: Champions – Patch notes Release

Hello Pilots!

Waiting is over! As by today you can download the full version of Quantum Rush: Champions on Steam. Compared to the Early Access version many things have changed: Lots of new content have been added and of course many bugs have been fixed.


What exactly was added and which bugs were fixed you can read in our patch notes below:

New content


  • 3 new individual campaigns – one per racer manufacturer
  • these campaigns contain for the first time tiers 6 and 7 and their 6 racers, also available for the first time (2 per manufacturer) and countless functional and optical unlocks
  • many new challenges
  • 2 new game modes: Defeat the Enemy and Courier
  • 7 new boss challenges
  • 5 new race tracks: Now you can choose between a total of 14 different race tracks.
  • through progress in the new campaigns you can unlock various skins for the racers

Profile & personal statistics

  • now you can create, save and load several profiles
  • through the new menu point “Profile” you can view comprehensive personal statistics and achievements
  • over 90 achievements have been added

other changes


  • navigation with menu grids was optimized
  • menu grids with much content now have several pages
  • a new score window was added which shows better information during races without adversaries


  • for all racers now skins can be unlocked

Race tracks

  • the energy generation fields on all race tracks were balanced again to guarantee a steady energy delivery
  • on all race tracks the pickup “Stasisphere” has been added
  • now on all race tracks a “Hit the Target” configuration is available
  • some race tracks were optimized for races on higher tiers. Resets or similar problems should no longer arise

Bug fixes

  • keyboard settings are no longer reset when restarting the game
  • the time for the fastest round is now tracked during the race
  • racer respawn is now always correctly set up when the race is started again
  • the pickup “Bodyslam” now works more reliably
  • various game pad input problems were fixed
  • it is no longer possible in the game mode “Hit the Target” to go backwards through targets to get bonus time

We wish you lots of fun on the race tracks!

Your Quantum Rush team

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