New patch brings Steam Achievements and more

Hello Pilots,

With the patch of today Quantum Rush: Champions received the long awaited Steam Achievements. Now you can compare yourself to all other pilots on Steam!

Quantum Rush Champions
Of course there were other changes and improvements as well, they are listed below:


  • 34 Steam Achievements are now available!
  • the personal statistics and achievements were completed by information boxes and help texts
  • we added more visual feedback during a races
  • in Arcade mode, for the game mode Courier you can configure the speed and steering handicap per package collected


  • the finishing times of all Time Trial races were improved
  • the finishing times of some Hit the Target races were improved
  • the tier 5 boss adversary of the campaign Macrostellar Warfare does not give the victory away to his challenger so easily!

Race tracks

  • the track „Adrenaline Terminal“ is now already available in Arcade mode in tier 1
  • on the race track Asteroid Belt a problem with respawn before finish line was fixed
  • there is an achievement available for the race track Deuterium Rally
  • on the race track Deuterium Rally an invisible hole was closed in the track walls
  • on the race track Ice Cluster appear in the game mode Hit the Target targets no longer appear in objects and obstacles
  • the race track Ice cluster is now available in Arcade mode
  • the entrance to the tube sector in backwards direction of the race track Metro Sykblitz is now better raceable
  • the effect of a booster pad on the track Novasea Airstrip was normalized
  • on the race track Novasea Airstrip in game mode Hit the Target a target was removed that was unreachable behind a stone
  • the energy pads on the race track Twilight Grounds react now to energy even if you don’t cross them in the mid of the energy charging track

General bug fixes

  • the target requirements for tier 6 boss adversary of the campaign Buccaneer Blasters was fixed
  • 2 broken Defeat the Enemy challenges in Buccaneer Blasters now work
  • the personal statistics evaluate the 3 top placements in game mode Against the Clock
  • the challenges for tier 7 boss adversary in campaign Macrostellar Warfare can be unlocked now
  • the Defeat all Boss Adversaries Achievement can now be unlocked

We wish you lots of fun and great success in mastering the challenges!

Your Quantum Rush Team

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