Monthly Archives: Wednesday February 11th, 2015

Balancing Update

Hello Pilots!

We’ve toiled, refined and tuned the balancing for you!

We hope you will like the changes which went online with the update of today.

Balancing of particular pickups:

  • the speed of the pickups “Bodyslam”, “Charge Bolt” and of some primary weapons projectiles was increased by 10% on tiers 5 to 7
  • the effective duration of the pickups “Flash Bang” and “Stasis Sphere” was reduced
  • the damage of the pickups “Mine” and “Lock-On Missile” was reduced
  • the effective range and damage of the pickup “Roommaker” was increased

Campaign balancing:

  • many challenges in the basic campaigns, especially in the campaign “Buccaneer Blasters” were rebalanced
  • some challenges in the DLC campaign “Jump Start Tournament” were improved, especially “Time Trial” and “Hit the Target” challenges present a fairer difficutly


  • the content of pickup pads was changed so that player now find alternatives to the pickups “Smoke Screen” and “Flash Bang” more often
  • more pickups were placed on the race track “Aquarii Atoll”
  • damage of all beam weapons was increased by 10%

We wish you lots of fun on the race track!

Your Quantum Rush Team